Friday, July 29, 2011

Angel/Gentry Wedding

This was such a great wedding! We started early in the morning, which happened to be the best thing for the day... it was a hot one! The wedding took place in Carthage, TN in a small, sweet church. There were Mason jars, a historic home, and one amazingly huge barn! Lets get to the pictures!

So we started the day off at about 8am. But I must
say I have never looked as good as she did at 8am.

If you dont know by now... I have a thing for shoes.
These were so classy!

And here we go!! Justin wanted these pictures to go as fast as possible.
We were able to shoot the groom pics in about 15 minutes. We were flying!

Tyler snapped this one. And wow, way to go you guys!
Justin looking all smooth and Tyler with his quick trigger finger.

Let me start this by saying these guys were hilarious! I usually try to break the ice with a joke... but none of my jokes were needed, they had plenty to go around all day. Tons of fun!

Classic tackle! It fit them perfect because he is a high school football coach.

Get ready to be blown away by gorgeous blue eyes and perfect red hair!

Did I mention I loved her shoes?

These are some of my favorites of Rachel. Simply STUNNING.

While we were waiting for Tyler to get Justin for the first look
we spotted this awesome back porch. Another fav from the day.

Girl time!

I really did feel like we were long lost friends after about 15 mins of knowing them.

Love me some candids! Props to the hubs.

Justin and Rachel wanted to do the first look! I obviously had no complaints!
This is possibly my favorite part of the day. Pure joy and emotion! LOVE IT!

See what I mean!?

Let the hott-ness begin!

Justin you have one beautiful bride! Lucky man.

This was a pose I have had in my head for a while, but I had to find the right couple. They were it.
It turned out to be such a fun and playful picture.

The results of saying yes to sitting on the ground... a great quilt and sweet moments.
We discussed this weeks before the wedding day so they were prepared
and just as excited as me to use the quilt.

Yet another sweet gem I found on Tyler's camera.

I have never shot a wedding with these colors, but I have to say I simply
loved it. It was perfect for a summer wedding.

You two fit together like a glove.

Taking time to thank God for the day and for the wedding to go smooth.


Mr. and Mrs. Justin Angel!!

I love these kind of moments right after they walk out of the church.

We shot all the family pictures after the ceremony.
They went quick... maybe 20 mins.

Happily Ever After....

Well, there you go! One gorgeous day, one gorgeous couple, and one lifetime ahead of them. I so loved being apart of your day, Justin and Rachel! Best wishes and God Bless.


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